In Victorian times, the most popular deck idea was the gazebo: an airy summerhouse or garden structure set well away from the main house, often on a knoll where views were especially pleasant. We told you earlier that we had matched the bricks to the house, but it’s also important to match the color of the mortar and the style of the mortar joints. Obviously, swapping an old wall-hung sink for a new similarly scaled pedestal sink is going to be a lot easier and less messy than replacing an old built-in bathtub with a new one, so be sure to match the scope of the job with the skill and experience of the worker. Our team has extensive experience in designing and building beautiful, high-quality, custom sunroom additions in the Chicago area. This motto holds true with home additions like 4-season sunrooms or warm-weather screen rooms. Would you like more space in your home, but don’t want to undertake or cannot afford a full home addition? Many homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas, would want to include Sunrooms in their home remodeling and renovation project, for various reasons. You’ll enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home in a room that reflects your taste and style.

We also get to know your home, ensuring that your new sunroom blends the style of your interior space with your home’s exterior. How will the sunroom connect to your home’s interior? The cost of adding a sunroom to your house depends on many factors, including the size, materials, finishes, furnishings, location in the home, and whether you choose to build a three- or four-season sunroom. For example, selecting asphalt shingles for a roof will cost you less compared to a glass rooftop. A palatial bath in a cute little house will make your home less, not more, desirable. When you work with our professional design team, you get a beautiful sunroom addition to your house that not only fits your lifestyle but also gives you a bright, airy space that looks like a cohesive part of your home. How much of the work will be done by people you hire versus how much you will do yourself. How much communication do you wish to receive during the course of your project?

After your project is finished, our 3-year warranty and lifetime support take effect. Sunroom design can be a blast for people who like to take full advantage of their imaginations. A pergola can also employ a series of separate vertical structures tied together visually with a band of horizontal boards at the top. A 537-foot space won’t be enough, however, for a lavish master bath with extra fixtures (bidet, separate whirlpool tub, sauna, etc.), and it may also be a bit skimpy for a shared family bath by today’s standards. Added amenities such as heated floors, steam showers and whirlpool tubs will serve you well, and ample storage is a must. A well-designed Sunroom will increase the value of your property and earn you more of a profit when you decide to sell the house. Sewage ejectors are fairly costly but not much more noisy than today’s pressure-assist toilets. How Much Is a Sunroom? How Much Will it Cost to Add a Sunroom? You want to obtain at least three cost estimates for your project so you can make comparisons before hiring your Chicagoland sunroom contractors.

Before you meet with your Synergy Builders designer, you should think about how you want to use your all-season sunroom addition. A sunroom is a very popular alternative to a full-room addition. Are you planning to make the sunroom an integral part of your entertaining lifestyle? Looking at the seamless completed addition, it’s as though it has been a part of this house all along! But a spherical tree house — is that even possible? For instance, a small bath with a conventional shower/tub combo looks even more cramped with a busily patterned, dark-colored shower curtain, minneapolis basement remodelers no matter how pretty, taking up most of one wall. A majority of the sunroom’s wall space is made of glass to bring the outdoor view, but not the weather, inside. Handmade, custom-colored, imported ceramic wall tiles. On the next page, discover how vertical tiles or textured wallcoverings influence the feel of a bathroom. What’s more enjoyable, the bland walls of a cubicle or your own personal view of the outside world with sunlight pouring in on you? Simply let your Synergy Builders project manager know how often you want to hear from him or her, and you will get personal updates about the status of your sunroom project – on your schedule.